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Here you will find the odd rambling from Emma!

  • Over the Festive Period

    The run up to Christmas is a very exhausting and stressful time, however I will always be extremely grateful for every single order that comes my way.  Over the past couple of years, I have completely closed over the festive period to allow me to recharge and to focus my time on my family.  This year, the snow we had, was just perfect.  It allowed us to have a real family day outdoors, walking in the bright
  • A little about me and my business

    Goodbye to the old business name, Gracie Jacques and hello to the new name - Emma Jayne Handmade! With what seems like minor change to most, to me, this is a big deal, a HUGE deal!  This is not only a business name change, this is me, finally, at the age of 37, accepting who I am! (and feeling happy and proud) A little about me Creative (but with no natural artistic ability) * An introvert * Big on Family * Thoughtful * Honest
  • Paint Colours

    Paint Colours I have updated my colour chart to show all the colours I use to hand paint the wooden signs.  I am hoping this gives you a better view of the colours available. Just a reminder too that the wall arts and signs are all hand painted.  There is no printing involved in the process, which is why it is quite time consuming! 
  • Planked Wall Art

    Planked Wall Arts I am so excited to finally be making my own wooden wall arts made from planks of wood.  These have been on my to do list for some time now so I am really pleased I can now share them with you.  I have added some pictures to the gallery of the wood signs I have made by request, some bespoke examples.  However, my own versions will soon be live on the Gracie Jacques
  • New Product line

    Today I have been working on a new product, a handmade wooden star. I have handcut this star from a piece of wood, stained it in my favourite wood stain and then added some words.  The print in the lid of the box expains what the words on the wooden star are all about! I hope that makes some sort of sense.  I have a lot more ideas for these little beauties...   Here is a sneak peek
  • Making your own Costumes

    So this is not strictly about making signs, but it is about art in a different format!   How to make costumes using the bits and pieces you have at home. The theme was Superhero and Villians for our day trip out on the Great Central Railway.  My Son's favourite film is Megamind and so we set about creating costumes that represented him and his crew! Meet Megamind and his Crew.....  
  • Raising Awareness through handmade signs

    Making these signs and wall arts is a real passion of mine.  I enjoy dealing with words, creating layouts, painting etc, but what I love the most, is how something I have made with my own hands can touch your heart or raise awareness for all sorts of difficulties in life.  I was able to use my signs as a way in to a local newspaper, to raise awareness of the Selective Mutism condition (a condition I spoke
  • Popular sign colour

    I've been extremely busy lately making lots of  "create your own" products.  The most popular colour this week has been the Plum.  I absolutely love what I do.  I have made signs for a Father of the Bride,  Kitchen signs, house signs.  I loved making a price list for a Garden Salon, it was a challenge due to the text being so small, but I loved how it turned out.  I got
  • Reward System

    I just wanted to share a reward system that I made, and have now been using for over a month, simply because it is working so well. I saw some examples of reward systems and some chore type systems on Pinterest and I have put them altogether in one system.  It is hand made from an old wooden pallet and stained.  The labels were painted with magnetic paint to allow the heart magnets to stick.  I did
  • Selective Mutism

    Selective Mutism I just wanted to share my experience of Selective Mutism which perhaps many of you have never even heard of.  I hadn't heard of it until my daughter was 4 and at pre-school.  She is now 7 and is a selective mute. Selective Mutism is an anxiety disorder in which affected people speak fluently in some situations but remain silent in others. It was once considered rare but is now known to affect more
  • Jacqueline Gold #WOW Winner 8th October 2014

    So I finally built up the courage to enter Jacqueline Golds #WOW weekly campaign and i was picked!  Fantastic!  So happy!   A big congratulations to this week's #WOW winners: @FelixandFido, @GracieJacques and @MyonPure! — Jacqueline Gold (@Jacqueline_Gold) October 8, 2014   .@GracieJacques are a family business that make handmade gifts and homeware. Very personal and unique! — Jacqueline Gold (@Jacqueline_Gold) October 8, 2014   Emma
  • Goodbye Jacques Designs, HELLO Gracie Jacques

    GOODBYE Jacques Designs, HELLO Gracie Jacques! We have undergone a magical metamorphosis. We have a fresh new look, a stunning new website and a brand new name.The changes we have made will help us move into a brighter and more creative future where we can continue to flourish, evolve and expand. Time to move forward. Like most businesses, we started small — trying new things and testing the market. We had no idea how quickly our enterprise would develop